HIKO gives back to the community.

HIKO Energy is owned and managed by “real” people. Real people just like you and me, who have needs, dreams, challenges, and want the most out of life. Just as our industry offers everyone the “choice” of energy suppliers, we too, at HIKO “choose” to give back to our community and country. We believe that helping people less fortunate or just simply going through a tough time is our obligation. Below please see some of the ways that HIKO gives back:

Tix for Kids
Tix for Kids is a charity created and funded by HIKO Energy. Its purpose is to give children with a serious or terminal illness the opportunity to be able to go enjoy a night out at a Yankees game (other teams and venues coming soon!) while at the same time allowing them to be temporarily distracted from their everyday stress.

If you know of any children who would fit the description above, please email us at customercare@hikoenergy.com.

The package includes 2 “Legends” tickets for luxurious infield seats situated two rows from the field, with a great view of the Yankees dugout. It comes with a full dinner that can be enjoyed before and during the game.

It is guaranteed to give any child a great night out!!

School Discounts and Commissions
Education is key in every successful venture. We at HIKO understand and respect that. That is why HIKO has made arrangements with several schools in the community by which the student body enrolls their accounts at a special discounted rate. With every account in this program that enrolls with HIKO, a monthly commission is paid directly to the school. this helps both the student body with lower energy bills as well as the financial budget of the school itself. Everybody wins!